Valentine Show

ASCENDENT Valentine Hunt

Designers For Valentines Hunt!

#1 – Glamorafinal-hunt-poster

#2 -Faisean


# 4- KC Couture -Gesture: ♫❤ ☮ Ⓗɑρρɥ ❤ Ⓥɑlҽɲȶιɲҽȿ ❤ Ⓓɑɥ ❤ Ƭσ ❤ Åɭɭ❣ ☮ ❤♫

# 5-Emerald Couture

#6/ f:L / – / fashion:LORE /

#7GDit Jewelry & Outfits

#8 LUXE Paris

#9 LUXE Paris

ASCENDENT Valentine Show


You are cordially invited to attend the:

ASCENDENT Modeling Agency, Academ- ASCENDENT Valentine Show
*Show Date- February 5th
@ 1 pm slt

Our Models for this show our!

Dawn Marie (DawnM01 Resident)
QueenBrat Bracken
S.S. Merlin (SeasidePurcell Resident)
Catalysis Resident
Śεլεηε (Selene Snowpaw)
Mrs. Kitty Dark Rage (CatsMeow17 Resident)
PetraLAlexander-Valerian™ (PetraLAlexander Resident)
Morgan Whitfield (mmorganwhitfield Resident)

Please come out and support the Models and the ASCENDENT Team…